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The thought of water line repairs can be scary for a homeowner.

Where is the leak? How much of my yard is going to have to be dug up? Is it going to be expensive? All of these questions are legitimate concerns any homeowner will have when facing the prospect of needing water line repairs.

The plumbers at Odyssey Plumbing have the ability to answer these questions as they relate to your water line repair or installation. Once you call us, we will schedule a free consultation to come to your home and evaluate your water line repair needs. After we have evaluated your water line repair needs, we will write up a diagnosis with options you may take to correct the problem.

When you have chosen the best option to suit your needs, we will complete the water line repairs in a fast and expedited manner. All of our water line repairs come with upfront pricing so that you know what to expect once the job is completed. We also guarantee all of our water line repairs in writing.


Signs of a water line leak

Signs of a water line leak may or may not always be noticeable. The most common indicator of a water line leak is a noticeable wet spot in your yard or next to the exterior of your house in the area of your water line.

Another sign of a water line leak may be a high water bill. If you receive a water bill that is higher than it should be and haven't noticed any odd wet spots in your home, leaking faucets, or running toilets, this could be an indication that your water line is leaking on the exterior of your home.

Any time you may notice your water meter registering water usage but you know no water is being used in the home is a strong indicator a water line repair may be necessary as well.

If you notice any of these signs in or around your home and wish to have a professional plumber evaluate them for you, give the plumbers at Odyssey Plumbing a call. We offer free estimates and same day service.

What if the leak is not visible?

If you know you have a leak on your water line but there are no obvious signs such as a wet spot in your yard, you may benefit from leak detection services. With the aid of a professional leak detector, it may be possible to pin point the exact location of your leak.

By using primarily sound as well as other methods, a leak detector will be able to narrow down exactly where your leak is; eliminating a lot of guess work and saving you time and money in the process.

The decision to use the services of professional leak detection for your water line repair will need to be weighed against the cost of water line replacement due to the extra costs involved with the services of a professional leak detector.

Repair vs. Replacement

If your water line is leaking and the exact location of the leak is easily determined, a simple water line repair is usually all that is needed. Sometimes though if the source of the water line leak is not readily visible, the age of the water line is outside of its useful service life, the condition of the water line as a whole is compromised, or the original water line piping has been recalled such as in the case of polybutylene piping, water line replacement may be necessary.

Water line replacement is typically accomplished by using a trenching machine to dig a trench to receive the water line from the water meter to the house. Once the trench is excavated, the new water line piping is installed and the water line is then connected at the meter and at the house. Once connected at both ends, it is then pressurized to test for leaks. Once the water line installation is determined to be leak free, it can then be covered with the soil removed during the excavation process.

Trenchless water line replacement

If a water line repair is not what you are needing and water line replacement is necessary, trenchless water line replacement may interest you. Using trenchless water line replacement, replacement of your water line is able to be completed from the meter to the house without the need to excavate your yard in order to install the new water line piping.

Typically only two small holes will need to be dug in order to accomplish a water line replacement using the trenchless method. One small hole is dug after the water meter while the second hole is dug at the exterior of your house where the water line enters the home.

Once the holes are dug, a directional drill is then inserted into the hole dug after the meter and the drill is then directed towards the hole dug at the exterior of the house. When the drill is exposed in the hole dug at the exterior of the house, the new water line piping is attached to it and pulled back with the drill toward the meter. After the end of the pipe is pulled completely back to the meter, it is then connected at each end, tested, and the hole are filled back in at the water meter and exterior of the house. The job is completed and you are left with no visible signs that the water line has even been replaced.