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Often times the end result of a plumbing leak is going to be water damage to the property.

Odyssey Plumbing can repair your plumbing leak and then refer you to our water damage restoration specialist to get your home dry and restored back to its original condition.

Water damage can cause sever property damage as the end result of a plumbing leak. If you experience water damage in macon, the first thing to do after stopping the leak is to start the drying process in order to stop the water damage from spreading further throughout the structure.

If left untreated, this water damage can result in the formation of mold, mildew, and other bacteria that can be detrimental to the health of the occupants of the structure. Odyssey Plumbing works with a team of flood damage restoration specialist to fulfill your needs when you have water damage as the result of a plumbing leak or sewage backup.

We understand these issues don't just happen during normal business hours as well which is why we offer emergency service as well. Hopefully you never have to deal with water damage restoration in your home, but when you do, know that Odyssey Plumbing has you covered in this area as well. Check out some of our reviews here.

Water Damage Restoration Process

A professional water damage restoration service specialist will document your possessions that were affected by any water damage and reference industry standard pricing guides to determine the value of your possessions and materials lost. A water damage restoration specialist will also inspect the affected area(s) with water sensing equipment such as probes and other infrared tools in order to determine the source of the water damage.

A water damage restoration specialist will then begin the process of drying the structure, sanitizing any affected areas, and deodorizing all affected areas and materials. Once all of the water damage has been removed that can be removed manually, water damage equipment such as air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, wood floor drying systems, and sub floor drying equipment will be left in the residence to complete the drying process.

Moisture content readings will be taken and evaluated daily after the required drying equipment is set up. The daily moisture readings are taken so if there is a certain area that might be dry then equipment can be removed or moved to an area that might not be drying as fast, this is also a way of keeping the costs under control.

Classes of Water Damage

Class 1 Water Damage- The least amount of water damage. This type of water damage usually affects only 1 room but may affect a larger area as well but there will be minimal water absorption across the area.

Class 2 Water Wamage- The most common type of water damage resulting from a plumbing leak. An entire room may be saturated including the carpet and padding with moisture damage no more than 24" up the walls.

Class 3 Water Damage- The greatest amount of water damage. Typically results from leaks overhead. The entire area will be saturated with water damage more than 24" up the walls.

Class 4 Water Damage- Limited to drying situations that require special techniques such when dealing with masonry as in a concrete slab.