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At some point over the course of home ownership, it is almost guaranteed that you will have an issue with a toilet in your home that needs repair. Common issues that call for toilet repair are a leaking toilet, a toilet that runs constantly, not flushing properly or at all, and overflowing due to a blockage. Most toilet repairs are simple and can easily be repaired by a professional plumber. When you find yourself with a toilet issue that you can't resolve, you should call on the expert plumbers at Odyssey Plumbing. We make toilet repairs seem simple.

Signs you need to Replace your toilet

1. A crack anywhere in the porcelain
2. Extensive mineral deposits in the bowl or tank
3. Any older toilet constantly needing repairs
4. Recurring clogs

Any one of these signs most likely mean that a simple toilet repair won't resolve the issue and toilet replacement may be necessary.

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Clogged Toilet Solutions

Odyssey Plumbing provides free sewer camera inspection anytime we clear a blockage in your building drain or building sewer provided there is an accessible clean-out. This gives us the ability to ensure that we cleared the blockage and that there is no other under-lying issue that possibly needs to be resolved. Once we have discovered the issue, we then have the ability to pin-point precisely where the issue is using our pipe locating technology. By taking these steps, we are able to give you the opportunity to verify for yourself any necessary steps needed to be taken next to resolve the issue. Call today to see for yourself.

Avoiding a clogged toilet

Always pay attention to what you are flushing down your toilet. A toilet is not a place for trash. Things like face wipes, paper towels, q-tips, feminine products, and most forms of wet wipes should never be flushed. Large quantities of toilet paper can also surpass the flushing capability of most toilets resulting in a toilet clog. Shelves above a toilet are also a contributor to toilet clogs. Items that you store on the shelves inadvertently get knocked off of the the shelves and knocked into the toilet causing a toilet blockage.