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A sump Pump or Sewage ejector pump is an important component of the plumbing system in your home. free estimates - call today!

A sump pump keeps your basement or crawl space dry by pumping water from the sump pit and discharging it to a more appropriate area. Typically during periods of rainy weather some homes have issues with water entering into the crawl space or basement. The water is directed to the sump pit where the sump pump is located and as water enters the pit the sump pump pumps the water out to keep from flooding your home.
Sewage ejector pumps serve a similar purpose but instead of water, they discharge sanitary waste that has to be pumped vertically in order to discharge into the building sewer or drain. They typically serve bathrooms in a basement but can also be located in an underground tank in the yard as well if there is a need to pump the sanitary waste vertically to a point where it can drain by gravity into the building sewer serving your home.

Why do you need a sump pump or sewage ejector pump?

Any time there is a space in your home such as a crawl space or basement and it is prone to flooding a sump pump will be necessary if the water can't be redirected. If your are installing or have an existing bathroom in your basement and the building drain exits the structure above the slab, a sewage ejector pump will be necessary to pump the sanitary waste up to the building drain from the bathroom.

Also, anytime the building drain exits the house lower than the level of the sewer main receiving the sanitary drainage from the building, a sewage ejector pump will be needed to pump the drainage up to the sewer main.

How do sump pumps work?

Sump pumps and sewage ejector pumps can clog. They are designed to accept solids up to a predetermined size and if this size is exceeded a blockage will occur. The float switch can also malfunction causing the pump to not be able to sense when to turn off and much worse on. Debris can sometimes jam the float switch and not allow it to rise and fall with the level of liquid in the pit.

The float switch can develop an internal fault as well causing it to not work properly. Sump pumps and sewage ejector pumps can simply wear out with time and use as well. The typical life expectancy of a sump pump or sewage ejector pump is 5-10 years. The amount of use as well as age both are contributing factors to the service life of your sump pump or sewage ejector pump.