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Time to replace your existing tub or shower and needing the assistance of a professional plumber? call us -your local macon area shower repair experts.

Shower repair can be a real pain, and the thought of a new shower installation can be an intimidating one. Shower repair alone can include tile replacement, re-glazing, re-caulking around seams and doors, as well as shower faucet repairs and replacement. These shower repairs shouldn't be ignored as they can quickly lead to much bigger repairs later in time.

Eventually you may decide a new shower installation is either wanted or necessary. Not only can a new shower installation update the look and appearance of your bathroom, a new shower installation will also resolve all of your existing and neglected shower repair issues as well.

Different shower types

The different shower types available today include one-piece shower units, custom tile showers, combination tub and shower units, and tile showers with solid one-piece bases. One piece shower units are the most common and least expensive. They are typically made of fiberglass and have a protective gel-coat finish. They come in standard sizes so a little pre-planning is necessary and the framing must be sized to accommodate whichever size you decide to go with. Custom tile showers are just that-custom. The options as far as size, shape, and design are only limited by your space and budget.

The most critical aspect of a custom tile shower installation is the installation of the shower pan. The shower pan is what makes the installation water proof to the surrounding area and directs water to the shower drain. Combination tub and shower units serve the dual purpose of serving as both a tub and a shower. They are typically made from fiberglass as well and come as one piece units and multi-piece units in order to fit into existing structures narrow door ways.

Tile showers with one-piece solid bases are also an option for a new shower installation. They come in standard sizes as well so the framing opening must be taken into consideration during the planning stage. The primary advantages of using a one piece solid base is ease of installation which in turn saves on costs, no risk of an improperly installed shower pan, and still being able to use tile on the wall surround.

Signs You may need shower repairs

Signs to look out for that could point to the need for potential shower repairs include

2. Slow drains
3. Cracked, loose , or missing tiles
4. Missing grout
5. Breaking shower head or tub spout.

Any of these issues can result in potential leaks from your shower. These shower repairs should not be delayed due to potential for major water damage to the structure. A stain on the ceiling in an area under a shower which is located above usually indicates a shower leak and the need for shower repairs.

Clogged or slow draining shower drains are also to be avoided as they can quickly cause a shower to overflow.

Why use a professional plumber for shower installation?

Having a professional plumber involved in your new shower installation will give you the comfort of knowing that your new shower installation is done correctly and meets current local and state codes.

What you see as the finished product of your new shower installation hides a lot of the very important plumbing details that ensure your new shower installation performs as intended and gives you the long trouble-free service life you expect from your new shower installation.

From the hot and cold water lines, to the drain lines and drain itself, and the shower pan are all components of your new shower installation that even though they are hidden out of sight and out of mind, are crucial to the success of your new shower installation.

Avoid costly mistakes

Sometimes a homeowner has attempted a new shower installation him or herself or allowed an unscrupulous contractor to do it and unfortunately the finished product may not be completed properly. The shower leaks, the hot and cold is located on the wrong side, or the drain doesn't operate properly.

The only option left at this point is to tear out the new shower installation and start all over. This is a very costly, yet easily avoidable mistake.

It is always recommended to have a qualified and licensed plumber to install your new shower, but at the very least inspect what has been done to ensure that it is done correctly. We want you to have trouble free performance from your new shower installation.