Plumbing tips

if it drains - its clear! and other myths


spring plumbing tips

Myth: A wire hanger makes a good plumbing snake
Actually, you CAN use a wire hanger as a plumbing snake, but you might not like what it does to your bowl. Trying wrapping it with soft cloth held by a rubber band.

Myth: My older home does not need any special plumbing attention
No! Plumbing in older homes may be more vulnerable, may be made of lead (which can impact your water quality), and if underground, could be punctured by tree roots. If you have a concern about your older home, call us for an inspection.
Myth: Citrus peels are good for my kitchen’s drain.
Althought it does smell nice, if you're garbage disposal blades are dull or the disposal is a older, your tough peels may not completely break down. It's best not to take the risk of clogging your pipes.

Myth: Flushable wipes are safe in my toilet
Unfortunately, no! Even though they may say "plumbing friendly" they still do not break down like toilet paper. This is especially a concern in rural areas with septic systems. Don't risk it - only toilet paper should be flushed.

Myth: My sink is draining, so it has no issues.
This isn’t always true. Even if debris and waste is going down the drain, it’s possible that waste is accumulating in one spot in your pipes and could lead to an emergency down the line.

how to hire the right plumber


spring plumbing tips

When it's time to choose a plumber, the task can be a little overwhelming. Of course here at Odyssey Plumbing we know we offer the best work completed by skilled technicians - but don't take our word for it! Ask around, do your research, and then call us!
1. Get recommendations and read reviews
After asking your friends and family, be sure to check reviews on Google, Facebook and Yellow Pages.
2. Ask Questions!
Ask your potential plumber about their license and insurance, before and after photos, estimated charges, etc. Don't be afraid to ask anything - a good plumber will be patient and answer your questions thoughtfully.
3. Research a plumbers license and insurance
If you're unsure, you can check the state licensing board, and ask your plumber to see proof of insurance.
4. Inquire about a warranty
Is the work and parts guaranteed at least a year?
5. Don't be afraid to talk money
Get an estimate before work begins, and ask about the payment schedule.

5 common plumbing mistakes


spring plumbing tips

Avoid these 5 common plumbing mistakes and save yourself some time and money.

Mistake # 1: GREASE
Getting rid of bacon grease and other food greases can be a pain. It's definately easier sometimes to just wash it down the sink...just a little bit here and there won't hurt, right? Over time, that little bit of grease can build up and clog your drain. While we're happy to help clean your drain, you can save yourself some time and money by only allowing water down your drain.

Mistake # 2: FLUSHED AWAY
Only water, toilet paper and waste should be flushed down the toilet. Be aware of small children flushing toys or for them, costly for you. Worse yet, a clog and back up can result in a dirty mess.

Well, winter isn't coming for awhile, but we couldn't pass up the easy Game of Thrones reference. When winter DOES come, you must prepare your pipes. Do not leave outdoor pipes expoed or you may have bursting and flooding. Drain your sprinklers, wrap your pipes.

Mistake # 4: DIY FLOODS
When doing DIY repair work in your home, be sure to turn off the water. Turn off water at the main valve, and check all faucets and valves. Double check your attic and basement valves. Forgetting to shut off the water can lead to floods.

Minor repairs can sometimes spiral into major repairs if not propertly attended to. Give us a call and let us take care of your plumbing issues, we can save you precious time and money.

does heavy rain effect plumbing?


spring plumbing tips

It's rainy season in Georgia! Heavy rain can cause to a number of issues, and the best solution is always to contact Odyssey Plumbing. Proper care and maintenance can help your plumbing survive heavy rains and remain completely operational.

Heavy rains can softens dirt and creates mud. All this Georgia mud is bad for your pipes. Underground pipes can shift in muddy soil, which means that they can possibly bend and crack. These cracks can lead to leaks and other issues. Pipes can be replaced or repaired, but only if your plumber is able to figure out the problem areas.

Heavy rains add moisture and weight to soil, which ca add pressure to your pipes. Not only does this contribute to the shifting mentioned above, the pressure alone can potentially damage pipes as well, especially older pipes or pipes which were already damaged. The extra pressure can worsen the problem.

Cracked pipes can allow dirt, clay, mud, sand and other debris your pipes. This can create blockages, which allows water to back up into your home. This can lead to dampness in basements and other underground areas. Over time, this water damage can get worse and cause the growth of mold or even foundation problems. Resealing a basement can temporarily fix the problem for now, but the water will continue to back up and accumulate. The best solution is to call Odyssey Plumbing so we can permanantly fix the problem.

Odyssey Plumbing is familiar with the difficulties caused by heavy rains in the Macon area. In addition to causing new issues, heavy rains can also exacerbate current plumbing problems in your home. A thorough inspection is the best way to find any issues before they become serious, so that minor problems don’t become big, expensive issues. Heavy Georgia rain can cause or contribute to many household plumbing problems, but most of them can be limited or prevented with maintenance and upkeep. A simple inspection could help to save your home from expensive and time consuming damage.

spring plumbing tips


spring plumbing tips

It's Spring! Remember to include plumbing maintenance in your "spring cleaning". Spring is the perfect time to perform maintenance and check your plumbing system for problems. A few simple checks now can save you plumbing headaches later.

-If your washing machine has a lint trap, clean it out.
-Your water heater temperature should be no higher than 120F to prevent burns and lower energy bills. Check your temp and adjust accordingly.
-Check your ice maker, dishwasher and washing machine hoses for leaks or bulges. If you don't have stainless steel hoses, now is a good time to upgrade. They are more durable and less likely to burst.
-If your water heater is more than 15 years old, it may be time to replace it. Call Odyssey today to discuss replacment options that are more energy efficient.

Bathrooms and Kitchen
Toilets: Drop a little food coloring into the back of the tank, wait a little while and if you see color in the bowl, you have a leak! Give Odyssey Plumbing a call right away.
Are your toilets flushing correctly? Do you need to hold it down in order for it to flush, or jiggle the handle to stop the water from running? You can lower your water bill by getting this repaired.

Faucets: Check for leaks or drips. Make repairs or give us a call for assistance.
Showers: Your shower head can become clogged with mineral deposits. Soak the head in vinegar overnight then lightly scrub.

Outside your home
-Turn on your outdoor faucets. If there is leakage inside your home the first time you turn on your hose, there's a possibility you have a frozen pipe. Call Odyssey for repair or replacement.
-Carefully clean out birds nests from vent pipes.
-Clean out your gutters, downspouts and house drains