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a pipe leak in your home can happen anytime. Leaking pipes can cause major damage to your home.

A pipe leaking in your home is a plumbing issue that shouldn't be ignored. Leaking pipes can potentially cause all kinds of problems . Even a small plumbing leak can have major consequences if left unattended long enough.

Often by the time you notice you may have a plumbing leak it is due to a high water bill, a wet spot on the floor, wall, or ceiling, or maybe even a persistent wet spot in the yard. All of these are indications of a possible leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

Plumbing leaks are caused by a number of possible contributing factors. Freezing, poor installation practices when the piping was installed, rubbing against another surface, a shifting or settling of the structure, or simply age and deterioation can all be potential culprits for plumbing leaks. A leaking pipe due to any of these conditions can cause major damage to your home. Odyssey Plumbing has the qualifications and skills to address any of these issues when the need arises.

Leaks can be repaired a number of ways. The most obvious is a direct repair to the pipe at the source of the leak. Sometimes, especially in the case of a leak below your slab, re-rerouting the the pipe may prove to be more economical than bursting up concrete to make a repair on the leaking pipe below the slab. Other times, due to the age or condition of the piping involved, replacement may be necessary as well.