garbage disposal


garbage disposal

If you suspect issues with your garbage disposal, call the pros at Odyssey Plumbing for a free estimate.

A garbage disposal that operates properly is necessary for a clean kitchen. They are commonly abused by being forced to accept excessive food wastes. This can not only clog or jam your garbage disposal but your kitchen sink drain as well. Your typical garbage disposal is only meant to accept normal food residue in moderate amounts and nothing else.

If your garbage disposal is making a humming noise when you turn it on, not draining and is clogged or jammed, or leaking, it is recommended to have a professional plumber service it in order to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary .

Garbage disposals can be a dangerous appliance in your home. They have sharp blades, an electrical connection, and water flows through them. You should only trust an experienced plumber to repair or replace your garbage disposal. Always remember if you attempt any repair to your garbage disposal to turn off the electricity serving your garbage disposal at the circuit breaker.

Top 5 garbage disposal issues:

1. Clogged drain
2. Jams
3. Odors
4. Broken blades
5. Leaking

maintenance tips

1. Avoid grinding foods such as coffee grounds, egg shells, and bones. As well avoid any corrosive chemicals or cleaners.
2. Always run water while the garbage disposal is in use.
3. Odors can be eliminated by grinding ice cubes to scour the inside of the disposal clean. There are also commercial cleaning products available for this purpose.