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If you suspect a drain issue, call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Grease, tree roots, children's toys, age, and/or poor installation practices can all wreck havoc on your drainage system. The plumbers at Odyssey Plumbing have the skills and equipment necessary to resolve these problems for you. Whether you simply need a drain line snaked, or "rootered", or possibly a simple drain line repair or entire sewer line replacement, you can be comforted knowing Odyssey Plumbing has you covered. Contact us today for a free evaluation and recommendation for your drain issue.

sewer camera inspection

Odyssey Plumbing provides free sewer camera inspection anytime we clear a blockage in your building drain or building sewer provided there is an accessible clean-out. This gives us the ability to ensure that we cleared the blockage and that there is no other under-lying issue that possibly needs to be resolved. Once we have discovered the issue, we then have the ability to pin-point precisely where the issue is using our pipe locating technology. By taking these steps, we are able to give you the opportunity to verify for yourself any necessary steps needed to be taken next to resolve the issue. Call today to see for yourself.

beware the $99 drain cleaning

A quick note on the $99 drain cleaning that may attract you. The old adage "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" most certainly applies here, and this is why Odyssey Plumbing does not offer it. We promote honesty and being up-front with the customer 1st and foremost. This is simply a bait-and-switch scam that Odyssey Plumbing wants no part of.

We can't support a business cleaning drains for $99 and neither can our competitors. They have no incentive, nor intention of clearing your drain for $99. If they don't find every other excuse why the $99 is excluded in your application in order to charge you more up front, they then focus on finding, making, and selling you a much higher priced repair. We offer a competetive and fair flat rate price up-front to begin with.

sewer repair


Think your sewer line may be damaged and is in need of repair?
Trust your sewer line repairs to the plumbers AT ODYSSEY plumbing.

Sewer line repair or replacement is an aspect of most homeowners plumbing systems that they hope they never have to face. Considering the typical life-span of a sewer line is 40-50 years, it's almost inevitable if you live in an older home that sooner or later you may be faced with the decision as to the repair or replacement of your sewer line. The plumbers at Odyssey Plumbing are here to assist you with any sewer repair services you may find yourself in need of. If you are experiencing problems with your sewer line, give us a call today. We will completely evaluate the issues at hand, diagnose the source of the problem, and present you with options you may take to resolve them.

what causes sewer line problem?

There are many factors to consider when trying to determine the source of problems with your sewer line. The main factor being age. With a typical life-span of 40-50 years, a sewer line that you are experiencing problems with and falls within this age range as well will typically benefit from being replaced in its entirety. Most sewer lines less than this range in age can typically benefit from some sort of repair alone.

Another common factor would be the invasion of tree roots in the sewer line itself. Trees growing in the area of a sewer line are constantly in search of water and nutrients, and the contents of a sewer line provide both. The slightest crack or smallest hole in a sewer line is all that is needed for tree roots to enter the sewer line and eventually block the sewer line entirely. Typically the only way to remove tree roots and ensure they will not return is to replace the section of sewer line blocked by the tree roots. The use of a plumbing snake to remove the tree roots will only provide some temporary relief and the tree roots will eventually return.

Blockages can also be caused by other foreign objects that get flushed down the sewer line rather intentionally or by accident. Kids toys and feminine products are common examples. These get lodged in the sewer line and eventually clog up the entire sewer pipe. Broken pipes as well as poor installation practices can also be causes for sewer line failure.

HOw is a sewer line repair or replacement done?

A typical sewer line repair or sewer line replacement can typically be completed in a day by a professional plumber. After first determining rather repair or replacement of the sewer line is necessary, the plumber will then excavate the surrounding ground to expose the sewer line in order to make the necessary repair or to install the new piping if doing a sewer line replacement.

Excavation is typically accomplished through the use of a small excavator on all but the shallowest and smallest of sewer line repairs. Before any excavating can be started the plumber must fist be sure to call in to the UPC, or Utilities Protection Commission, to ensure there are no underground buried utilities in the area he will be excavating. Once the UPC has came out to the site and marked all of the underground utilities, the plumber may begin excavating the sewer line.

After excavating and exposing the failed sewer line, the old sewer line is removed and the new sewer line is installed in its place. If an entire sewer line replacement is being completed, the sewer line from the exterior of your house to the point that it connects to the public sewer at the street is replaced.

Once the sewer line repair or replacement is completed, the area is back-filled with the dirt that was removed during the excavation process. The area is then brought up the existing ground level and graded smooth. Grass seed and a mulch such as wheat straw may then be placed on the area to help stabilize the area that was disturbed.

how to prevent sewer line problems

1. Avoid letting foreign objects into the sewer line. Kids toys and feminine products are common examples.

2. You may want to consider having some trees removed in the area of a sewer line. The opinions of a plumber and possibly arborist should be considered.

3. Avoid heavy vehicular traffic driving over your sewer line. They can potentially crush or break your sewer line if not installed properly for this application.

Do I need a sewer line repair or replacement?

Give us a call and we'll diagnose your sewer problems.

Some of the signs that you may need a sewer line repair or replacement include:

1. Persistent toilet clogs and back-ups. Your toilet has a direct connection to your sewer line and consequently is the first place you will typically notice signs of a sewer line issue. You may also notice toilets that gurgle for no apparent reason or sewage backing up into adjacent fixtures when flushed.

2. Drains persistently stopping up in sinks, tubs, and showers can sometimes be a sign as well of a pending sewer line issue. These connect to your sewer line and if the sewer line is partially blocked, this will cause these fixtures to not drain as efficiently as they should and start to back-up themselves as well.

3. If sewage backs up into a tub, shower, or any drain in your basement or lowest floor level, this is almost always an

Don't let the need for sewer line repair intimidate you. Give the plumbers at Odyssey Plumbing a call. We'll evaluate your issue and provide you with options to choose from so that you can decide what course of action best suits your needs and budget..